Concierge Nursing Service

Concierge nursing Service

An RN or LPN will collect the client from their home and provide transport to medical appointments, providing support and reassurance.

This concierge nursing service is most popular with clients whose relatives live out of town or state and want the peace of mind of knowing that they are attending medical appointments, understanding the ramifications and following up appropriately. These visits often supplement on going home health care and ensure that the clients on going care plan is accurate and up to date.

The Nurse will communicate with the Doctor or medical professional on behalf of the client and produce a written report within 24 hours which can be e-mailed or mailed to relatives as appropriate. Any appointments, treatment or tests required following this appointment (i.e. physical therapy, blood work, further tests etc.) will be organized for the client.  Any change to medication will be implemented and prescriptions collected in order to make on going home health care as simple and effective as possible.

For more information, please call toll free on: 1877-263-3570

TenderCare Testimonials

Take it from them...

I have found the entire staff to be extremely professional, reliable and compassionate in caring for our clients. They are always prompt, efficient and very willing. I would highly recommend their services without reservation.

-- P. Dudley Giles M.D., Giles Adler Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons

Your caregiver goes out of her way, a very great service, a plus, plus employee and Company that provides great service.

-- T. Dreschler, Blue Ridge, GA.

The Caregivers that you have selected to care for my father are very reliable and reflect your business name TenderCare. I can always go away knowing that there is a person who will always look out for his best interests and that he will be safe.

-- Mrs. D. Dorney, Stuart, FL.

Caregiver Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do I need to start work as a caregiver?
(* starred items are documents required to work as a companion)


  • *a valid driver’s license
  • *auto insurance
  • *social security card
  • *statement of good health completed by a physician within the last 6 months
  • *level two background screening
  • professional license (CNA, LPN, RN)
  • home health aide certificate with 40hrs or more from a licensed training school
  • medication training
  • CPR card
  • HIV training
  • *names and contact details for two references that we will verify
  • *professional liability insurance
  • *permanent resident card (if not a citizen)

  • Once this documentation is in order, you will then be eligible to come into the office for interview. Additional CEU’s are a plus.

    What are the average hours available? Average number of hours available depends very much on caregiver’s availability, willingness and flexibility to accept work referrals. This can range from a few hours each week to 24/7 care. TenderCare will refer new and existing cases to caregivers based on their availability, location and personality; these factors are essential in creating a good client/caregiver match. As such we cannot predict the average number of hours available, although TenderCare do strive to refer the desired number of referrals to its registered caregivers.

    What is the rate of pay? Rates of pay vary depending on qualifications, experience and what each case may involve; it is often by negotiation that the clients and caregiver will agree upon a rate. TenderCare pride themselves on referring only the best caregivers and realize that to do so, cases referred to caregivers must pay above the average amount. Pay rates are discussed fully before a case is referred.