Community Involvement

At TenderCare, we believe in the power of community involvement. We cherish every opportunity to connect with various local organizations throughout our community. We love making new friends, sharing laughter, and creating everlasting memories. Our commitment to community involvement extends beyond our professional duties—it’s a reflection of our values and dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of those we assist.

TenderCare in the Community

We’re proud to stand alongside local organizations, supporting their missions and initiatives. Whether it’s attending events, sponsoring programs, or lending a helping hand, we’re committed to playing an active role in the communities we serve. Our support for local organizations isn’t just about one-time contributions—it’s about building lasting partnerships based on shared values and goals. By working together, we’re able to leverage our collective strengths and resources to address community challenges, create growth opportunities, and foster a sense of unity and belonging for all.

  • Raising funds for the Meals on Wheels program at the Kane Center, bringing nutritious food and socialization to seniors in Martin County.

  • Proud sponsors of The Atlantic City Boys at the Kane Center—bringing joy and entertainment to our community!

  • Caught in the spotlight: TenderCare shines as a main sponsor for the Elvis Tribute Concert!

  • Our team is proud to stand behind The Hibiscus Children’s Center, a wonderful charity.

  • Part of our team attending a fabulous charity luncheon in support of the Hibiscus Children’s Center.

  • Jodi and Annabel attending the Health Fair at the Havert L. Fenn Center.

We’re Proud to Support: